Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to swap next?

After the success of our May Mug Cosy Swap we've decided to make swapping a bi-monthly ritual.

I'm all for swapping, it gets you making things you wouldn't usually make...making the mug cosy was the first time i had to negotiate crochet with fastenings.

We'd love your say in what we make and swap next, the options so far...

1. Decorative pot holders like these ones from Foxes Lane

2. Cosy Beanies (practice knitting in the round...)

3. Pretty brooches - do you like these knitted pencils from Kandy Diamond?
(for practicing sculptural kniting/crochet -flowers etc.)

4. Arm warmers (to practice knitting to fit the body -without the difficulty of fingers!)

over on the right hand side of this page...

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