Monday, May 10, 2010

knitting and unrequited love.

The other night at my favourite monthly musical soiree i was surprised to find a pile of beanies on the front table...

Talented singer songwriter Ange Takats learnt to knit in the round, and make lovely stripey beanies while pursuing unrequited love in a small town in Ontario, Canada. (she moved back home and he later married a perky blonde figure skater - in case you were wondering...). This canadian - unrequited - knitting - love story later became a song...

The Knitters Curse
I found a bag full of random things
that I acquired when I lived with you
knitting needles and dusty balls of yarn
and a printed email or two
the last photograph of us together
standing in a cornfield
I am wearing a purple scarf
you are wearing that green beanie
that I knitted for love that I knitted for you
hoping the stitches would pull us through
now you're marrying a figure skater
and a life of simplicity
she looks perky and sporty and blonde
the exact opposite of me
I am certain she could skate loop-di-loops around me in the ring
but when she's listening to Nina with you
are there goosebumps on her skin?
does she knit for love? Does she knit for you?
does she knit for love and will her stitches ever undo?
me and my unravelings
red and yellow, green and grey
these balls of wool keep getting in my way
tangled up in my desire to please
I'm casting off this curse
I'm waiting for release
now I don't knit for love, I just let love be
It's going to take a gentle man
to unwrap me 

Check out her album, if you fancy - it's full of warm, real music and lovely knitting artwork adorns the cover.

It's funny how knitting pops up in the most unexpected of places...

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