Thursday, May 27, 2010

This felt fantastic...

Spotted over on the New York Times Online - these AMAZING felt creations by fashion designer Dana Barnes. Oh how I long to have these giant, soft, colourful granny sqaure throw cushions on my floor. Or to try my own hand at making some! Can you imagine the size of the hook needed to wrestle such a large thread?!

"There were fat crocheted granny squares the size of sea turtles drying in the sun that was pouring into the living area. There were bumps of felted, braided unspun wool, Ms. Barnes’s riff on a traditional braided rug, plumped up into floor cushions. There was a felt “bowl” as high as your knees.
And underneath it all was the original rug, an oatmeal-colored lawn made from panels of felted batting — squares of unspun wool — that she and the young crafters and artists she employs had sculptured and then sewn together by hand.
It was a sensuous landscape of felt. You just wanted to lie down and roll around on it" 
Click here to read the rest of the New York Times article

Have you ever made any large scale craft pieces? I'd love to know how it went. I'd love to tackle a huge project like this. If only there was the floor space in my apartment for dozens of cosy giant felt granny squares...


  1. wouldn't felted rugs like that be really HEAVY? They look heavy...

  2. Aren't they fabulous!
    nice post sara..

    p.s have you seen this amazing gigantic crochet doily rug?

  3. Well Vonny i don't think they are rugs like blankets, more like floor cushions!
    Alex - I did see the gigantic crochet doily, amazing, i was going to add it in here as an update!


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