Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our fellow Sydney stitching groups.

Sydney Crafternoon was started to fill the eastern suburbs crafting group void, and yet so many of our members ask if i could please...possibly...pretty please...make the meetings where they live...? 

So, i thought it might be time to mention some of the other knitting/crochet/crafting groups around town:

Sydney sity klickers meet on Saturdays at Barmuda cafe on Australia St in Newtown. (my favourite part of newtown just down from Newspaper Taxi!. They are well established, and have been running since 2002.

Brown owls is originally a Melbourne crafting group, but they have recently branched out to other states (including NSW) and now run crafting nights at Lane cove, the Inner West and Sydney's CBD.

Sydney Stitch n Bitch meets at Harts Pub every second Monday at 6.30pm or so and at Manly Wharf Hotel every second Tuesday at 7pm or so.

Morris and Sons SnB meet on a Thursday night from 5pm and when they get thirsty they move to the Lobby Bar at the Swissotel on Market Street, Sydney CBD.

Rubi & Lana knitting group meet at Bar Fresko, Gordon every other Saturday from 11.30am.

These are a few groups i have seen around...
have you visited any of them?
Do you go to a group i haven't mentioned?
Do you attend a number of crafting groups?

In could do a Sydney craft crawl across the week:

Harts Pub on Monday night, Manly on Tuesday evening, Brown owls on a Wed night, Morris and Sons the Following night, Saturday morning in Gordon! then over to Newtown for an afternoon with the Sity Klickers...then over to Pocket Bar for Sunday Crafternoon! Phew!


  1. nice round up! remind me never to wear a low cut top to crafternoon again though please?! or eat. incase the two is photographed! ARGH!

  2. i promise you can take a photo of me eating next week! :)


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