Friday, May 14, 2010

Victoria Mason and Kootoyoo present...

I have coveted the amazing creations of Australian jeweller Victoria Mason for some time now. Her sweet silver jewellery takes every day items and turns them into tiny, precious, wearable objets d'art.
I recently saw that a teeny tiny crocheted granny square made by the crafty blogess Kirsty of Kootoyoo was turned into a most amazing silver spoon by Victoria, for an exhibition at Melbourne's Hand Held Gallery called 'One Cup - an exhibition of 48 teaspoons'. It blew my mind a little, okay a lot...take a look -

 See the entire process over on Victoria Mason's blog Earl And Cookie.

Isn't it amazing?! Can you imagine how cool it would be to stir your cup of tea with a spoon like that?!

Well I'm not sure if a spoon will ever be available for sale but soon a necklace version of the granny square will be available for sale - how awesome is that?! So we can wear a little silver version of Kootoyoo's granny square around our neck at all times! AND she's even giving one away over on Kootoyoo's blog!! Cue brain explosion! *hyperventilates with excitement*

So I'm going to head on over to Kootoyoo's and enter the comp now! Who's with me?!

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