Monday, June 21, 2010

Make it - Mini Zine

Have an occasion to celebrate (or not...) Make a Teeny Tiny Zine! it's fun and relatively easy...

I used photoshop and just divided an A4 page into 8 equal rectangles using 'guides'.
Then design away!
This zine was for our crafternoon group so i wanted to include info about upcoming meets, silly puns, a contact list, and a make-wish-list.
Then fold and cut it as recommended on this handy dandy How-Tuesday video:

Ta DA!


  1. Oh! They look so very cute! If I had Photoshop I'd be adding that to my to do list...wonder if I could cobble one together with scanner, printer, copier type technology...

  2. I'm sure you could just rule some lines on a piece of paper and stick/draw/write bits on and photocopy! would probably be much more handmadey...


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