Sunday, June 20, 2010

fun ideas for craft collectives

It's been one year since our first crafternoon!
To celebrate our first birthday we met at our favourite cosy venue for mini zines, afternoon crafting, lucky door prizes, crepes, tea and fruity frappes.

Do you attend a crafting group or collective?
Or maybe you run your own on the other side of the world? (If so, Please say hi!)
either way, here are:

14 ideas to make craft groups more fun, connected, happy and awesome-er:
:: go to a crafty book launch
:: start a flickr group
:: hold a spring crafting picnic
:: organise a swap party
:: crafty daytrips - visit country town
    op shops, knitting shops and cafes
:: make mini zines
:: visit a craft show together
:: organise a craft crawl
:: knit stuff for charity
:: make something collectively
:: meet up with people from other groups
:: have an exhibition of your work
:: have a collective etsy store, to sell your wares
:: start an art project together

Got any ideas for us to try? I'd love to hear about them...
Happy Crafting!

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