Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrate all things handmade!

This evening, parties took (and are taking) place all over the world. The Sydney Etsy party at Notebook Photographic studios was a lovely evening of fun fabric crafting, friendly faces and delicious food.

We all left with new twittery/blog writing crafty contacts, hand made flowery brooches, patchworky hexagons, goody bags, smiles and bellies full of cakes (mmm lamingtons...)

It's great to celebrate all things handmade, and I am constantly amazed by how lovely and friendly all you making folk are!


  1. it was lots of fun!! it was great to meet you and all the other crafty gals!!

  2. Very nice to meet you. I was super fun. Would love to come to a Crafternoon one day.

  3. Typo - fancy knowing how super fun one is? It was super fun - the Etsy party. I think I have gone too far now :)

  4. Haha!
    Thanks Mel and Anastasia, twas lovely to meet you too.
    You're both welcome at crafternoon anytime!


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