Sunday, October 24, 2010

Janice Jakielski - Addressing and Redressing the body

Have you seen these incredible stitched headpieces? Janice Jalieski has no formal textiles training and she believes this gives her freedom to explore beyond rules and boundaries. Her work is inspired by her grandmother's circa 1930's hat collection and explores themes of communication and connectivity.

"I am also drawn to the labor of embroidery, 
I can easily lose myself when embroidering 
and hand sewing, the repetition becomes a 
form of meditation." - Janice Jakielski
So many gorgeous details, fine embroidery and beautiful colours...

Do you like to indulge in the labour of stitching too? do you find it meditative?
I find there is something endlessly satisfying about creating things.

images from here
want to read more? there is an interview with janice here

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